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Smoke & Soot Damage Restoration in New Jersey & New York

Smoke and soot particles are released when a fire breaks out and can swiftly disperse and settle on surfaces, inflicting considerable damage and leaving behind a foul stench. Experts in fire and smoke damage restoration use specialized cleaning methods and equipment to remove soot and odor from impacted surfaces. Restoration from smoke and soot damage serves two purposes: making the home livable again and protecting the health of the residents.

Consolidated Environmental has IICRC-certified technicians who offer superior smoke and soot damage restoration services. Call us at 973-975-4464 to get our services. Get our quick, easy, and standard service in Andover, Lincoln Park, West Orange other cities across New York & New Jersey. Click here to know more about our services.


How Bad Is Smoke & Soot for Health?

There are a lot of bad effects of smoke and soot on human health. Elderly people and infants suffer the most from smoke & soot. It is not something you will enjoy that there is an unpleasant smell that lingers about all the time.

Smoke & soot contain harmful particles. The human body is very much exposed to them. The effect of them on the eyes and nose can be severe. As time goes on with the condition untreated, the chances of being affected by health complications like asthma, and coronary heart disease increase. Even cancer occurs in some cases.


Damages to the Structure & Equipment

  • Wall cavities.
  • Smoke and soot may take the color out of your home's electronics, furnishings, and more.
  • Because of the corrosion it generates, electrical equipment overheats and short circuits.

Interestingly, all of these happen only if you let the smoke & soot sustain. Always take professional help timely after any disaster or damage by wind or flood.

Call Us Today for Superior Fire Damage Restoration

Besides smoke & soot restoration, we also provide other fire damage restoration services. So stop thinking more and bring back the lost comfort of your home. Dial 973-975-4464 or click here for an appointment. We also offer free estimates for our work.

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