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Insulation Replacement for Smoke Damage in New Jersey & New York

Consolidated Environmental provides replacements for smoke-damaged insulation. Our insulation replacement services are open to homeowners and businesses in Allenhurst, Milford, Orange, Plainsboro, and other nearby areas within our service region. Our team has the resources to remove any insulation damaged by fire or smoke on your property. This will help prevent any further harm to your property.

Our skilled and certified team specializes in replacing insulation for various areas, including roofing and drywall. We can help you quickly recover from the unpleasant odors and harmful fumes caused by smoke-damaged insulation. Don't let fire-damaged insulation compromise the air quality inside your property. Let us handle the insulation replacement for you. Call us at 973-975-4464 to replace your insulation today!

Fire & Smoke-Damaged Insulation Hazards

The damage caused by fire and smoke can be extensive, affecting the insulation in your walls, attic, and other home areas. When firefighters put out the fire, water can seep into the insulation, combining with soot to create a potential hazard for your family's safety. They may cause:

smoke stain on the kitchen-cabin
  • Health Risks: Damaged insulation could release harmful particles into the air, which may cause health problems such as bronchitis, asthma, cancer, and heart attacks.
  • Mold & Mildew Growth: The water used by firefighters during their efforts could promote the growth of mold, which may pose a health risk to your family.
  • Smoky Odor: The smoke odors in the insulation can deteriorate indoor air quality and make the living environment unpleasant.
  • Loss of Functionality: When smoke damage occurs, it can impact the insulation's ability to regulate heat flow, resulting in ineffectiveness.
smoke stain at home ceiling

Smoke & Soot Damage Restoration from Consolidated Environmental

Apart from insulation replacement, Consolidated Environmental specializes in additional smoke & soot damage restoration for:

  • Damaged Ceiling
  • Damaged Drywall
  • Soot Damage
  • Staining & Discoloration

Let Us Replace Smoke-Damaged Insulation

If you want to avoid potential risks caused by fire and smoke damage to insulation, dealing with it quickly is essential. You can rely on Consolidated Environmental's team of IICRC-certified professionals to restore your property's safety and functionality. Call us today at 973-975-4464 or click here for insulation replacement services.

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