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Thermostats Installation & Replacement in New York

During the hot summer days in Adelphia, Allamuchy, Allendale, and greater NJ, it is nearly impossible to pass the days without a cooling system at your home. If you have a heating or cooling system set up at your place, it is very likely for you to have a thermostat installed. Otherwise, how will you even control the temperature of your system?

Don’t have a cooling/heating system at your place yet? No problem! If you are living in the areas that are mentioned above, you can trust Consolidated Environmental Inc. for installing a thermostat at your place so that you can control the temperature of your heating and cooling system of your home.

Is Thermostat Replacement Important?

You already have a thermostat at your home and replacing it with a new one, be it modern or smart, sounds like an unnecessary cost, no? Here is the catch. It is with time that you will understand that a new one is rather beneficial for you. This is a primary source of saving your energy.

Taking out your old fashioned thermostat and replacing it with a new one means you will now be able to control how much your HVAC runs. A smart one can keep your HVAC on while you are home and switch it off once you are asleep or outside of your home.

According to a study by, if your HVAC is dialed back 7-10 degrees everyday for 8 hours (when everyone is outside of the house or asleep), it will cut down the cooling and heating costs by 10% annually.

Count on Us for Professional Thermostats Installation & Replacement

Consolidated Environment Inc. has been providing the best thermostat installation and replacement, AC tune up, AC cleaning, services for a long time now. If you are currently residing in Allenhurst, Allentown, Allenwood, and greater NJ and need any of these services then you can call us today at 973-975-4464 and contact us online to know more about our services.

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