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Areas Where Mold Hides in Your Property in NJ & NY

Often, the first signs of mold that are visible are blotchy or fuzzy appearing stains found on surfaces such as floors, walls, or around the plumbing pipes in your home. However, mold is not always visible. It often grows initially in dark, damp, out-of-the-way places like your basement, crawl space, attic, and HVAC ducts. It also commonly grows behind walls in your home or office.

Many times, property owners notice other warning signs, including a higher level of indoor moisture or a persistent musty odor, before they spot the actual mold growth. When you notice any signs of mold, be sure and contact the mold removal experts from Consolidated Environmental to eliminate any mold growth from your home or office in FairfieldLincoln ParkAndoverGlenwoodWest Orange, and other cities throughout our service area in New Jersey & New York. To learn more about our mold remediation services at Consolidated, call 973-975-4464 or click here.

Black Molds

Moist, Damp Spaces Breed Dust Mites & Mold Growth in NY/NJ

Mold prefers to grow in dark, damp places where it can feast on dead or decaying organic matter and avoids the light and arid air. If you find mold in your home, chances are it started in the basement or crawl space.

The same is true for dust mites, unfortunately. Their simple existence is annoying, but their tiny feces are as dangerous to your health as mold spores. Dust mites aggravate breathing problems because each mite can produce excrement up to 200 times its own body weight and can poop up to 20 times a day.

Professional Dehumidification & Drying Services

Black Molds

What should you do if water or moisture occurs in a basement, crawl space, or comparable area of your home or office? This situation requires immediate attention. Rapid water removal is essential to prevent water from seeping into the foundation, flooring, furniture, and more. Because most construction materials are permeable, they soak up a lot of water and are prone to attract mold.

This can lead to structural issues like warping and rotting as well as health problems like mildew growth. The best way to neutralize this issue is by drying and dehumidifying the area with industrial blowers and dehumidifiers. Consolidated Environmental uses commercial air movers and dehumidifiers to reduce the inside air humidity to below 55%. Mold cannot grow when moisture levels drop below 55%.

Contact Consolidated Environmental for Mold Remediation in NJ & NY

When you need to remove mold from your home or office in New York or New Jersey, the company to contact is Consolidated Environmental. For decades, our crews have provided customers with a wide range of mechanical hygiene and air duct cleaning services. We also provide comprehensive remediation, restoration, and retrofit services to eliminate mold and boost indoor air quality. Contact us online or call us at 973-975-4464 when you need our help at your property in NY or NJ.