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Schools Mold Remediation Service in New York & New Jersey

Consolidated Environmental Inc (CEI) provides specialized mold remediation service in schools in and around New York and New Jersey, some of our service areas include but is not limited to Adelphia, Belford, and Westwood.

A little amount of accidental water intrusion can give birth to mold and fungus, hence it is important to ensure that classrooms are waterproofed. However, accidents are unavoidable and water can seep inside the premises creating a breeding ground for mold spores, if this happens in your school CEI is just a call away!

Just dial 973-975-4464 or contact us online to get classrooms cleaned. We also provide rodent and HVAC clean-up services throughout New Jersey.

Premium Mold Removal for New Jersey Schools

Children are usually much more prone to allergic reactions than adults, therefore, it is essential to keep schools clean from all types of allergens. Molds can trigger breathing problems and poses different health hazards. Our certified technicians make sure affected areas of the school are treated efficiently and sanitized for complete safety. Our project managers have outlined the best plan to mitigate mold and bacterial issues in schools,

• Identify and fix the root of the problem- We begin with inspecting and fixing the source of the moisture, which can be a result of a broken pipe or appliance.
• Examine the extent of the damage- Using moisture-meters and infrared cameras we will assess the damage and start the remediation procedure accordingly.
• Prevent spreading- Next, we will seal off the affected area to ensure the mold does not spread.
• Extract and sanitize- Lastly, we will extract the mold using heavy-duty air movers and HEPA filters. After the contaminated area is fully cleaned, we sterilize the space and its contents.

Need certified experts right away for a clean classroom? All you have to do is call us and we will be on our way!

  • Association of Specialists in Cleaning and Restoration (ASCR)
  • Mechanical Systems Hygiene Institute ( MSHI)
  • National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA)
  • Refrigeration Service Engineers Society (RSES)
  • Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification