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Water & Storm Damage Restoration in Atlantic Highlands

Professional expert remediationg mold from wall

Generally, storm damage is noticed comparatively earlier than hidden water damage that could be caused by the storm itself. The other causes could happen by bad workmanship or defects in the water management system. Regardless of the reasons both matters need to be equally taken care of quickly or it can get disastrous. So, if you are facing one of the scenarios, call an expert immediately.

Since 1984, Consolidated Environmental has been providing multiple water & storm damage restoration across New Jersey and New York. Living in Atlantic Highlands can get you our quality services through our IICRC-certified professional service team.

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Consolidated Environmental Remediation Services in Atlantic Highlands

At Consolidated Environmental, we offer a range of services to help property owners in Atlantic Highlands and surrounding areas. These services include:

Mold and rodent

How Severe a Water or Storm Damage Can Get?

The aftermath of a storm or water damage is an annoyance to the house owner. You won't definitely like to have plumbing leak damage or flood damage bringing extra moisture on the ceilings, walls, and even water puddles on the floor, basement, or crawl space. Leaving those situations untreated would trigger mold or mildew growth that will ultimately invite health issues like allergies, irritation in the eyes, breathing problems, etc.

Storm damage like wind and hail damage affects the roofs, windows, sidings, or other parts of the house and allows water infiltration that triggers the structural damage process.

Our expert team in Atlantic Highlands is well aware of these situations and thoroughly works on every inch and makes sure your home is secure after the restoration is completed.

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